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Why choose functional training and angles?

Helps get you to the places you like! The Trainer (RN)*

Functional training and angles

“We think of muscles as parts. But skeletal muscles themselves consist of many thousands of tiny parts called fibers. … Diverse angles of attack are necessary to stimulate as many fibers as possible and goad them toward growth, and no methodology hits your muscles in more ways each workout than small-angle training.” – Working all the angles|Muscle & Fitness

Working All the Angles | Muscle & Fitness


Think of anything in life and imagine how in one way or another we apply many angles to make the outcome the one we desire. How about putting the finishing touches to a birthday cake, do we only apply the topping with the same “stroke?” Of course not or the cake would look strange. How about playing basketball? How good would your game be if you shot only from the same place at the same angle the entire game? Or how about fishing? How many fish would you catch if you only used the same place and only casted from the exact same angle? Not many, I suspect! Yet you will go to a gym that has a machine with extremely limited range of motion and think that that is going to give us what it never could! That’s because what we demand from our birthday cakes and fishing styles, we ignore when it comes to our workouts. I think our bodies are pretty important! So let’s give them some angles! Getting the picture? We need to not pay so much attention to what we always do and use our brains for what the brain 🧠 is there for! It’s there do envision what we want and then go after it! The Trainer (RN)*

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