“1 on 1” Personal Training! 15 years RN on staff! Currently 5-95 in age!

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A couple of things first…

  • I help you work “all the angles” of your body! You will be surprised to find out how “little”you have been training previously!
  • I absolutely love everything that I do!
  • Recent studies prove that you benefit much more from training if you know more about your body.
  • I was an RN in CCU (Coronary Care) for 15 years! I know the human body!
  • Please check the Columbia River Gorge for trainers information including knowledge and prices charged.
  • I guarantee you will get a full hour of training every time!
  • I have owned my own personal training business since 2006. I HAVE DONE NO OTHER WORK THAN PERSONAL TRAINING SINCE THEN! I feel that is extremely relevant!
  • Free towels! Free bottled water! You get to listen to your music!
  • The entire studio and all equipment is just for you for your hour.
  •  You will learn more about your mind and body!
  • Thanks, The Trainer (RN)* Personal Trainer, “One On One Only”

Van is one ofmy “Athlete of the Month”!  At 60, Van kicks butt every time! 

Ingrid, shown above, is a wonderful Baker by trade who just happens to love Training her mind and body to see just what she can do! That’s right, Ingrid is a doer!


I have the best clients!


Andrea, in the video above, is always smiling and ready to do the “Next thing”! In the video, that next thing was pretty darn cool and difficult! Trying to balance on that board while swinging a 9 pound ball, on strings, is a wonderful feat, indeed! As you can see, she mastered it with the 2nd session! Too cool! The Trainer (RN previously)

I only do training with one client at a time. You won’t get “lost” in the crowd!

Are you bored and tired with using the same “piston style machines” that take up the majority of space in most gyms? “Progressional Fitness Training “, as well as boxing,  is about using a lot of movement, as in life, at many different angles that give you, not just lots of enjoyment, but a healthy and more “human” looking and feeling body!

I guarantee that if you add more angles properly

, that you will have a better, healthier life with less pain as you age.

As an RN* in CCU for 15 years, I saw way too much pain and yet much of it was self inflicted or was there through lack of trying. I I stopped working as an RN because I wanted to help folks from getting into “bad shape ” in the first place. Take care of yourselves! The Trainer


  • Grew up on a farm in Kentucky and learned the art of hard work and accomplishment.
  • Obtained a degree in computer programming and nursing.
  • Worked as an *RN in CCU/ICU/ER for 15 years. Stopped 12 years ago to help folks prevent from getting ill and having to go to the hospital in the first place!
  • Competed in 59 bodybuilding shows.
  • Competed in 26 Powerlifting events. Best lift squat where I did 1000 pounds in training and 850 pounds in competition.
  • Competed in over 500 foot races from 5K – 125K(126 marathons, 258 half marathons, 36 ultra marathons including the “Canadian Death Race” in 2015. The rest mostly 5 and 10Ks.
  • Spent hundreds of hours over the years sparring in boxing. It all started with “Rocky”. I was never the same after I saw that movie!
  • Have totally accepted myself for whom I am and try to always take responsibility for any choices I make. I expect the same from my clients!

So give Boxing and/or Progressional Fitness Training “a try and you will see what I mean! Rick “THE” Trainer!

•How to become a member of The Trainer’s Dream Team. (Become a client)
1- schedule a 1 hour FREE consultation to determine if you and I are a good fit. We will discuss your goals and how “we” can work together to achieve them. Please bring plenty of questions. 
2- sign a contract for 3 months once a week (all sessions are a full hour in length). See rates below. Most  start out with only once or twice a week for the first 12 weeks but after that you may sign up for as many times as you wish! This is for you! I have found over the past many years that if someone starts out doing “too much too fast” then their future fitness endeavors suffer. That is not what I want for you!
3- show up with plenty of passion and a great desire to have fun achieving the goals “you” have set for yourself! 

Rates: one session $60.00 (not the most cost effective. Scroll down


*3 month contract $38.00/session (this is what MOST new clients start with. After 3 months they may re-sign with any of contracts offered) Your first contract must be paid in full at the signing of the contract. All renewals may be paid on a monthly basis. As of writing this, the least expensive “one on one” training elsewhere in the Columbia River Gorge was $48.00/session. As far as their qualifications? I’ll let you check that out. Thanks, The Trainer @54


*6 month contract $36.00/session



*** 3 & 6 month contracts get a [5% discount] if paid in full at signing.You may choose to pay equal monthly payments but do not get the discount.

• Every session client will get a health & fitness multiple choice question worth $2.00 gift certificate that you may turn in when you renew.
• at resigning, 3 & 6 month contracts get a $25.00 health and fitness multiple choice question.
• everyone designated as “Athlete of the Month” gets a $50.00 gift certificate

• all current clients that refers me a person that signs up for a 3 month contract will get a $50.00 gift certificate!
• every current client at Christmas time gets a $25.00 gift certificate
• every clien

Optional field “Text”t, on their birthday, gets a $10.00 gift certificate.





15 3rd St. Hood River

*Previously RN in CCU. Stopped to be a personal trainer to help folks to be in better shape and keep them out of the hospital, in the first place!