No, I didn’t know that 2020 was going to go down the way that it has! But, I have always told my clients that the “beginning and ending” to their health and fitness does not lie within my studio walls alone! Since I started my personal training business in 2006, I have encouraged my clients to learn to do exercise techniques on their own(while having fun) and don’t just rely on me being here. Actually, I have went a little farther, anyone that has come to me without much previous exercise history, I have limited them to once a week for the first 3 months! Why? Because I didn’t want them to start off on the wrong foot, so to speak! New folks to fitness have a great opportunity to start their fitness life off properly and make it a lasting one! You’ve heard “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Well that goes for us “two legged” creatures as well! So “learn” when you start training and don’t “insist” that you get exactly what you “think” you need! If you do then I’ll probably send you elsewhere because “I’m here to help you, not just take your $$! (I know that sounds old fashioned and corny these days but that’s just who I am) Well, this is the year that that philosophy pays off! During the times fitness facilities have to shut down, don’t just do nothing! Remember what you learned and “create” your world! Thanks, The Trainer (RN)*
I love doing this stuff so much that I,personally, do absolutely everything for my business by myself!
– The Trainer (RN)*

I absolutely love doing and learning anything and everything to do with the human body/mind!

It’s the one area in life that we have the most ability to control! However, most folks look at it as the “hardest”!
Think about it, do you have almost total control anywhere else in your life?

What can you expect to get from my training you in the studio or outside (your choice)? • I try to “build on each set” by working the “approximate” same muscles but “changing” every set to include different “resistance” levels but also different equipment and changing angles frequently. ( I don’t do things like 3 sets of 10 with the same weight, equipment and range of motion each set). Every set is “different” in at least one way and more much of the time! I want you to benefit more from your training so that you can leave my studio and go outside in the world and immediately put to use what you have learned! Remember, you are not going to run into many barbells, benches and squat racks in your “real world environment” so don’t put “all of your eggs into one basket,” so to speak! Thanks, The Trainer (RN)*

What you get for free here?
• use of towels
• bottled water
• listen to your music during your workout
• Daily multiple choice question worth $2.00
• Renew question worth $25.00
• only one client in studio at a time
• workout inside or out/ your choice

When I was growing up on our farm, my brothers loved cars and anything with motors. I was always talking about what I was learning that I could do with my mind/body. It just made sense to me that what was most important was the only thing I came into this world with and the only thing I’ll leave behind as I say goodbye!
Now my brothers have to visit the junkyard to see there old pals(cars, boats and the like). While I’m still, at 55, taking care of my body with exercise and reading!

I’m kinda joking but now I’ll be serious. I’ve seen a lot of people in too much pain (I was an RN in CCU for 15 years), and if they had taken care of their bodies it’s possible they may have still passed, but I can almost guarantee you that they would have had much less pain throughout the process! Click for video about importance of Range Of Motion!

That comes to what I do and why. My biggest goal for my clients is a sea of “smiles”! I want happiness for them! I want for them to never know what horrible pain, day in and day out, is! So check out the rest of the website and maybe I’ll hear from you! Thanks, The Trainer (RN)*

When I think of starting a business of any kind, the one thing that I KNOW must be there and that is a “reason” for me to be involved other than making money! Money is important but a great small business is nothing if the owner isn’t highly and personally involved! The Trainer (RN)*

    •••I can’t “promise “ you anything except that “ I will do everything possible to help you reach your goals and continue to climb past them!

I have had clients that move away and want to know what to look for in a new personal trainer. So here are some tips that I have given.
•Look for a trainer that has more knowledge of the human body than just an online certificate. Preferably some hands on experience such as RN, physical therapist, Doctor, or even medical tech or an aid. Why? They are going to be telling you to do things with your body that you haven’t done and you should have the confidence in them that they know what they are working with. I mean would you have a person work on your car if they had only looked at pictures in a book?
•Choose a trainer, if possible, that has his/her own studio. Why? A trainer at a gym might be good but even if they are excellent, the gym they train at tells them what they can do. Ex. Most gym trainers are not allowed to have a full 60 minute session. Also, I believe trainers that have their own place, enjoy what they do much more!
•Choose a trainer that creates your workout as you go along. I used to do prepared sessions and walk around with a clipboard but what happens when your client gets to your studio and they have really thumped their toe and you have leg-day on the clipboard? Also, if your trainer can “build” your workout as you go on the fly, they will get much more out of it and you will get to know them so much more! I assure you that the better you know your client, the more satisfied they will be with a trainer like yourself! Thanks, The Trainer (RN)*

Often: underused,
to the
Detriment of
Too many!
ASSESSMENT- “the act of judging or assessing a person or situation or event.”

How well do we determine the PROPER feeling and potential actions of the person in front of us?
Well, I would say that many of us let others in our life dictate that to us. How? They tell us what scares them and we just accept, without researching, that it must and should be exactly that way for us, as well. When we do that, we disregard all that we have learned about determining our individual fate. Should we listen to others? Absolutely, but then we need to take everything that we ASSESS and run it through our “filter” that we have been working on since birth. Then we can truly determine what’s best for us! What does that mean? Everything, but because I am a personal trainer, I’m mainly speaking of assessing a person, that I’ve never met, to determine if I can help this person or not. If I can’t for some reason, then I don’t take on the client. I might refer them to someone else or I might determine that we are not a good fit, trainer & client.

Let me assure you that if I don’t feel like I can assist a person, then the best thing I can do for them and myself is to not sign them up. If I did, I would be taking their money and knowing that I can’t help them. Also, they would be wasting their time and money and folks, time is precious!

Now this assessment works both ways. The client needs to be able to assess the personal trainer at the consultation and determine if that is the personal trainer for them? How? Asking questions! Write them down before you go if you need to. Also, understand that humans “fear” anything that is “different”! Which brings up the fact that in my studio, I have a lot of equipment that you won’t recognize and my training style is probably different than most, so ask questions and understand that “change never happens when you only keep feeding everything in your life to the same things all the time! Many people come to me “knowing” what I present is different but then are shocked because, when they get here, “it’s different”!

So remember, assessment is your “path-tool” that helps lead you to where you want to be! Thanks, The Trainer (RN)*

What have I accomplished?
That’s a good question to ask! I won’t give all the details but here is some stuff! I have run more than 500 foot races, including marathons and ultramarathons! I have competed in bodybuilding contests, power lifting, arm wrestling (used to be a big thing), and many other things! I have coached runners, bodybuilders and power lifters! I strongly believe in (Walk The talk)!

Check out my client, Vikki, working shoulders with “angles”. Please click below


  • I was an RN in CCU (Coronary Care) for 15 years! I know the human body!
  • Please check the Columbia River Gorge for trainers information including knowledge and prices charged.
  • I guarantee you will get a full hour of training every time!
  • I have owned my own personal training business since 2006. I HAVE DONE NO OTHER WORK THAN PERSONAL TRAINING SINCE THEN! I feel that is extremely relevant!
  • •Your session is created as we see what you are capable of doing that day!
    •nothing pre-planned, all workouts are created by the The Trainer (RN)* as he assesses your capabilities!

  • Free towels! Free bottled water! You get to listen to your music!
  • The entire studio and all equipment is just for you for your hour.
  •  You will learn more about your mind and body!
  • Thanks, The Trainer (RN)* Personal Trainer, “One On One Only”
  • I only do training with one client at a time. You won’t get “lost” in the crowd!

    Are you bored and tired with using the same “piston style machines” that take up the majority of space in most gyms? “Progressional Fitness Training “, as well as boxing,  is about using a lot of movement, as in life, at many different angles that give you, not just lots of enjoyment, but a healthy and more “human” looking and feeling body!

    I guarantee that if you add more angles properly

    , that you will have a better, healthier life with less pain as you age.

    As an RN* in CCU for 15 years, I saw way too much pain and yet much of it was self inflicted or was there through lack of trying. I I stopped working as an RN because I wanted to help folks from getting into “bad shape ” in the first place. Take care of yourselves! The Trainer

    The Trainer (RN)*

    Additional policy information:
    • I will wait for 15 minutes after a scheduled timed session before leaving. If you will be later than that, please text me!

    • if I’m over 15 minutes late and haven’t contacted you, that session will be FREE to you!

    So give Boxing and/or Progressional Fitness Training “a try and you will see what I mean! Rick “THE” Trainer!

    •How to become a member of The Trainer’s Dream Team. (Become a client)
    1- schedule a 1 hour FREE consultation to determine if you and I are a good fit. We will discuss your goals and how “we” can work together to achieve them. Please bring plenty of questions. 
    2- sign a contract for 3 months once a week (all sessions are a full hour in length). See rates below. Most  start out with only once or twice a week for the first 12 weeks but after that you may sign up for as many times as you wish! This is for you! I have found over the past many years that if someone starts out doing “too much too fast” then their future fitness endeavors suffer. That is not what I want for you!
    3- show up with plenty of passion and a great desire to have fun achieving the goals “you” have set for yourself! 

    Rates: one session $60.00 (not the most cost effective. Scroll down


    *3 month contract $38.00/session (this is what MOST new clients start with. After 3 months they may re-sign with any of contracts offered) Your first contract must be paid in full at the signing of the contract. All renewals may be paid on a monthly basis. As of writing this, the least expensive “one on one” training elsewhere in the Columbia River Gorge was $48.00/session. As far as their qualifications? I’ll let you check that out. Thanks, The Trainer @54


    *6 month contract $36.00/session



    *** 3 & 6 month contracts get a [5% discount] if paid in full at signing.You may choose to pay equal monthly payments but do not get the discount.

    • Every session client will get a health & fitness multiple choice question worth $2.00 gift certificate that you may turn in when you renew.
    • at resigning, 3 & 6 month contracts get a $25.00 health and fitness multiple choice question.
    • everyone designated as “Athlete of the Month” gets a $50.00 gift certificate

    • all current clients that refers me a person that signs up for a 3 month contract will get a $50.00 gift certificate!
    • every current client at Christmas time gets a $25.00 gift certificate
    • every client gets a $10.00 gift certificate for their birthday.



    15 3rd St. Hood River

    *Previously RN in CCU. Stopped to be a personal trainer to help folks to be in better shape and keep them out of the hospital, in the first place!




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