Hi, what do I do? I’m a functional trainer so that means I can help most! I work with “Boxing” and “kickboxing” to improve health and fitness. Thanks, Rick “THE” Trainer! (RN)*

The thing to take from this site

Do more circular type moves and less straight lines/ for much improved muscle mass/better Range of Motion/less pain (now and later) and … have fun! Did I say FUN? You betcha! The Trainer (RN)*

A look back…

I’m not sure why but most people gravitate to one side or the other in most things (issues) in their life. I’m a firm believer that there are more than 2 ways to look at things. When we accept that we have more than 2 choices in this big beautiful world then our world (my world) is a much better place to be in. So in exercising, we seem to choose one thing like boxing, bodybuilding or running marathons and stick to what the people in the “know” say we should do. Well I’m here to tell you that when we use our brains and choose what we feel is right for us then we have thousands and yes millions of choices just waiting for us! That opens up your creativity and your mind is no longer “strangled” in its own thoughts and we realize that up until that point, we were being held down, not by others but by ourselves!

Right now I’m talking about improving the human body(what I know about) but Imagine if you incorporate the rest of your life of “decision making” into it? Sounds like if only a small portion became true for you, what a remarkable difference it could make! The Trainer (RN)*

There have been many studies that show that you get more(muscle mass & strength) when you concentrate on the body parts being used for that specific lift! The Trainer (RN)*

When starting a new workout routine/start with low weight(or no weight except body weight)/short sessions. Remember that your “real goal” is not to achieve it as quickly as possible but to not”burn out” and never go in reverse! Keep moving Forward! The Trainer (RN)*

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Meet Dana, my athlete of the Month! Dana was new to functional training and she picked up on it very fast and very good so she became my “ATHLETE/MONTH! Great job Dana!

Functional training simply prepares you for “real life!”

Not just getting better on one specific machine in the gym. Actually, ask yourself how often do you deal (in your real life) with machines that only offer your body one “pattern” over and over and never give you any other angles? For your sake, I hope your answer is close to “never!” Think about it…read on…

We have all performed “functional training” but we just didn’t know it and didn’t give it that name! Coaches of basketball, baseball, football etc. have all been training the athletes in functional training! (Functional training) is “moving” and especially doing more than “straight lines!” Do you think that a wide receiver going quickly down the field and looking over his shoulder and calculating in his head exactly when the ball will enter his “field” was trained on a “machine,” that only goes straight and back? I think not! This has been taught for ages! So don’t let the name scare you but do know that giving it a name does allow it to be taught and understood and accepted better! Welcome to “FUNCTIONAL TRAINING!” The Trainer (RN)* Functional training is going to lead you to where you want to be! The Trainer (RN)*

Angles is functional training! Everyone uses functional training and may not even know it. Functional training and angles is about “repositioning” instead of just going straight ahead. If you just go forth in a straight line, then you only work the same muscles! If you “get of the beaten path” then what happens? You work more of your body and you look better and you have more fun!- The Trainer (RN)*

Think of anything in life and imagine how in one way or another we apply many angles to make the outcome the one we desire. How about putting the finishing touches to a birthday cake, do we only apply the topping with the same “stroke?” Of course not or the cake would look strange. How about playing basketball? How good would your game be if you shot only from the same place at the same angle the entire game? Or how about fishing? How many fish would you catch if you only used the same place and only casted from the exact same angle? Not many, I suspect! Yet you will go to a gym that has a machine with extremely limited range of motion and think that that is going to give us what it never could! That’s because what we demand from our birthday cakes and fishing styles, we ignore when it comes to our workouts. I think our bodies are pretty important! So let’s give them some angles! Getting the picture? We need to not pay so much attention to what we always do and use our brains for what the brain 🧠 is there for! It’s there do envision what we want and then go after it! The Trainer (RN)*

Phoebe (below) using her secret weapon! That wonderful smile!


Kirk (at 69) having a ball!

From “Carmen…”

Believe in yourself!

Believe in yourself..

Go Vikki!


Andrea- kicks butt, nuff said!

How do you safely start training?
PRIOR TO TRAINING, learn about your body…
1- start very slow
2- use no weight or low rate
3- immediately stop if you have pain! 4- come back and do more…

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We do what we like!

    Be sure to check around on prices and knowledge of training! You just might be surprised!

Please read below! A few important things you might not see offered at other establishments. Thanks.

Every client gets a Question of the day (multiple choice) every session(in reference to the human body). Worth $2.00 gift card if you get it right. If you don’t then you lose nothing but still gain knowledge! When you renew you’ll get a $25.00 question!

* ON DAY ONE…we will do testing, based on your goals! (Example: Bodyfat, step test(heart rate), slide board, posture grid pictures, jump mat, push ups & other resistance exercises, vital signs (including heart rate, blood pressure, one lead ekg, oxygen saturation etc.) this is for many things but mainly so that we have a “baseline” for future testing!


if you are chosen as “The athlete/month” then you will get a $50.00 gift certificate and articles sent out about your awesome progress!

  1. * free bottled water!
  1. * free use of towels!
  1. * $50.00 gift certificate when you refer someone to me and they sign up!
  2. $ $50.00 gift card if you are asked, and agree to be, my “Athlete of the Month!”
  1. * full hour of training!
  1. * a trainer that truly is much more concerned about helping you achieve your goals, that you have set, than anything else!
  1. * a trainer that has 15 years experience in the medical field(RN CCU). Not just getting a certificate off of the internet!

“If you can’t dream big, ridiculous dreams, what’s the point of dreaming at all? Ronda Rhousey

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