What’s ahead for you......?

Let’s make this fun! The only way to do that is to have great client/trainer communication! Let’s start now!

Functional training!

You know & I know, “it’s your time!”


    Are you ready to fly?

    You absolutely have what it takes to get from where you now find yourself, to where you want to be!

    Welcome home, let’s have some fun!

    I won’t take up a lot of your time here. I was a registered nurse for 15 years and I’ve been training since I was 12. I know “functional training” and I believe it’s the best way to go for most! So contact me for a Free initial consultation and I promise not to give you any “hard selling” tactics! Thanks, The Trainer


    1. The least expensive in the Columbia River Gorge for one to one for a full hour!

    2. Possibly the most educated(RN 15 years)

      I definitely have the most fun!

    You should always enjoy what you do…

    Otherwise, what’s the point?

    Meet Dana, my athlete of the Month!

    • What is functional training? And why I think everyone should do at least some.
    1. It’s kinda opposite working out with machines. Machines limit your range of motion and increase chances of an injury, while functional training is all about increasing that R.O.M. and maintaining a much less chance of hurting you(if done properly!)
    2. Functional training gets you prepared for LIVING your life outside of my studio walls (not the vice versa.)
    3. Most people think that it’s more FUN to do functional training than not…
    4. I guarantee that we all are more LIKELY to continue doing what we enjoy!

    Phoebe! Always smiling! That’s her secret!

    Kirk at 69!

    From “Carmen…”

    Believe in yourself!

    Believe in yourself..

      Vikki, “never give up!”

    Andrea- kicks butt, nuff said!

    Is the regular 3 sets of 8 not doing it for you? Try to add more “movement” and “angles!”Thanks, The Trainer (RN)*

    How do you safely start training?
    PRIOR TO TRAINING, learn about your body…
    1- start very slow
    2- use no weight or low rate
    3- immediately stop if you have pain! 4- come back and do more…

    If you “enjoy” it then you’ll “fight” for more! The Trainer (RN) *

    Do this on this day!
    • Pricing! 3 month contract(once a week for most) @ $38/session. ((please check locally for pricing,knowledge of instructor, 1 to 1 training and a full hour!)). You might be surprised! Read below please. The Trainer (RN)*

    Please read…

    Every client gets a Question of the day (multiple choice) every session(in reference to the human body). Worth $2.00 gift card if you get it right. If you don’t then you lose nothing but still gain knowledge! When you renew you’ll get a $25.00 question!

    * ON DAY ONE…we will do testing, based on your goals! (Example: Bodyfat, step test(heart rate), slide board, posture grid pictures, jump mat, push ups & other resistance exercises, vital signs (including heart rate, blood pressure, one lead ekg, oxygen saturation etc.) this is for many things but mainly so that we have a “baseline” for future testing!


    if you are chosen as “The Trainer’s Choice Athlete” then you will get a $50.00 gift certificate and articles sent out about your awesome progress!

    1. * free bottled water!
    1. * free use of towels!
    1. * $50.00 gift certificate when you refer someone to me and they sign up!
    2. $ $50.00 gift card if you are asked, and agree to be, my “Athlete of the Month!”
    1. * full hour of training!
    1. * a trainer that truly is much more concerned about helping you achieve your goals, that you have set, than anything else!
    1. * a trainer that has 15 years experience in the medical field(RN CCU). Not just getting a certificate off of the internet!

    “If you can’t dream big, ridiculous dreams, what’s the point in dreaming at all?”- Rhonda Rousey

    Below(at bottom, round buttons) please choose a button and you will get different information about boxing! Thanks 🙏

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